Processing Application Case Sharing

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Customer: Linear Slide Industry in Northern Taiwan
Component: slide rail/slider
Material: stainless steel SUS440
Grinding type: flat grinding
Grinding wheel: EB series grinding wheel 1A 405*50*127

      A few months ago, I went to a customer I met at the Taipei Automation Show. This is a new company. The main product is mini-line rails. After further interviews, it is known that the material of the Component is mainly stainless steel. For grinding processing, stainless steel has always been a very difficult material to process. Generally, customers recognize that GC grinding wheels are the best choice for grinding stainless steel. Most grinding wheel manufacturers also provide GC grinding wheels. Unable to achieve the processing efficiency expected by the customer.

      The technical team of BAYUNION has a new understanding and countermeasures for grinding stainless steel in recent years. It immediately recommended customers to try BAYUNION EB series grinding wheels to solve the problem of flat grinding. The subsequent tests also surprised customers. The grinding process It was smoother, and immediately received customer affirmation and subsequent orders.