Grinding wheel industry has a centennial foundation, and predecessors have accumulated a good knowledge of grinding wheel; we carefully retain the essence and keep the know-how of making grinding wheel.

We keep studying of
-    Property of new abrasive materials
-    Optimization of grinding application
-    Stability of grinding wheels production

All of this is for only one purpose: Provide a better grinding solution for the customers.



Bay Union Abrasive Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987. We have focused on producing vitrified bonded grinding wheels for many years. Bay Union has advanced vitrified bonds and special self-developed equipment, so we can supply high quality mounted wheels in a very fast and steady way. We have supplied worldwide famous customers with a good reputation for years, especially in North America and Europe market.
In order to satisfy customers’ various needs, Bay Union started to produce surface grinding and cylindrical grinding wheels in 2018, and our target is to be the high-end import substitution. For all product series of other brands, we have corresponding wheels for replacement with more value. We believe BAYUNION is the best grinding wheel choice for all customers.



We believe grinding is the key to precision.
Pursuing the perfection of every detail is our way to provide the best grinding solution


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