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Manufacturer of special machine for inner and outer

Manufacturer of special machine for inner and outer

diameter/punch grinding machine
Component: various customer parts
Material: carbon steel, green cross carburizing
Grinding type: Cylindrical grinding  
Grinding wheel: GF series grinding wheel 1A/5A Φ405/Φ455/Φ510

In an exhibition in Indonesia, I met a grinding equipment manufacturer also from Taiwan. After visiting them several times, I learned that the customer’s core value is to provide overall solutions for grinding: grinding machines, grinding wheels, diamond repairing, and clamping. Tools, processing parameters and grinding fluids are all planned for the end user.

  Customers’ cylindrical grinders are most often matched with Israeli CGW grinding wheels. According to customers’ past perceptions, this brand has the highest CP value. The only pain point is the long delivery period. In the process of testing BAYUNION's GF Cylindrical grinding wheel, after listening to the parameter adjustment suggestions provided by our technical specialists, we can feel better cutting force and surface roughness from carbon steel in general heat treatment to green cross carburization. Therefore, it also smoothly switched from imported grinding wheels to BAYUNION grinding wheels with higher CP value.

       In the subsequent development of several special machines, customers naturally also came to us to provide them with the most suitable grinding wheel and processing parameter suggestions for their grinding solutions. This will not only make the subsequent delivery of the machine smoother, but also allow end users. Get satisfactory results.

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